Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quantico Base Phone Directory

Marine Corps Base, Quantico
Quantico, Va. 22134-5001
Tel: (703) 784 -(Plus Ext.)
Information: (703) 784-2121
DSN: 278-(Plus Ext.)
Information: 278-2121
CMD Duty Officer: 784-2707

Credit Card Calls 99+1+800+Number
DSN 94+Seven Digit Number
DSN Overseas 94+Area Code+Number
Long Distance 99+1+Area Code+Number
Station to Station 784-xxxx/432-xxxx
Local Calls 99+Area Code+Number

Local Directory Assistance 703-555-1212
Base Information 784-2121
Operator (From Military Numbers) 113
Worldwide DSN Dir. Assist. 94-231-1311
Local DSN 278-xxxx/378-xxxx
Telephone Repair 784-2500
Family Services Center Advocacy 784-3523
Family Services Center 784-2659
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NMCI Helpdesk 1-866-843-6624
Marine Corps Exchange 432-8800

Civil Service Employees 784-2049
Military Personnel 784-2507
Officer Candidates Sch (Perm Personnel) 784-2507
Officer Candidates Sch (Admin) 784-2434
The Basic School Adjutant Office / S-1 784-5206

MCCDC Command Duty Officer 784-2707
Headquarters & Service Battalion S-1 784-2261
MARCORSYSCOM Bldg 2200 432-3964
Marine Corps Air Facility 784-2441
Marine Security Guard Battalion 784-3268
Naval Medical Clinic 784-1725
Officer Candidates School 784-2353
Security Battalion **784-2251
The Basic School 784-5207
Weapons Training Battalion 784-5341
HMX-1 784-2760
**Telephone conversations are being recorded for accuracy and record purposes.

1. Directory. This directory is an authorized UNOFFICIAL publication of Marine Corps Base Quantico, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and tenant activities.

2. Organization. The directory is composed of five major sections. These sections include General Information, Alphabetical Listing, MCB Quantico, MCCDC, M&RA and Tenant Organizations.

3. Telephone Service. Long distance telephone service for MCB Quantico is provided by FTS 2001 service. FTS 2001 service is accessed by dialing "99+1" followed by the 10 digit telephone number of the station that you are calling. FTS 2001 long distance charges will be identified in a locally produced monthly bill. FTS 2001 service is for OFFICIAL CALLING ONLY. Non-official long distance calls will be made either with a personal calling card, collect, or on a public pay telephone. Official FTS 2001 calling cards are required to place calling card calls over the network. Cards can be requested by calling Communication Electronic Division (G6) at 784-4005.

4. Telephone Installation and Repair Services. Telephone installation and repair service at the Command is provided by civilian contractors. Installations, relocations, disconnections, and systems redesign are coordinated by the Telecommunication Network Branch (TELCOM), Communication Electronics Division. This work requires that a telephone work request be submitted. This request must include the following information:

  1. A point of contact: name & telephone number, building & room location.
  2. Telephone numbers and intercom numbers of each telephone involved. All requests for service are to be submitted to the TeleComm Net Branch via respective organization program manager. Allow sufficient time for approval and scheduling of work. Telephone repair services are available by dialing 784-2500. Please identify the telephone number where the problem exists and the type of problem, if known.
5. Quarters Telephone Service. Occupants of government quarters who desire telephone service should contact AT&T by calling 1-800-893-2018. The TeleComm Network Branch is not authorized to coordinate private telephone service.
DSN calls at this Command fall under the following restriction:
"DoD telephone communications systems are provided for the transmission of official government information only and are subject to telephone communication security monitoring and telephone communications management monitoring at all times," Telephone Monitoring: SECNAVINST 2070.2
Station to Station. These are calls from one military number on base to another military number on base.

Base Operator. This is the MCCDC Base Operator.

911 on Base. This number will call the Fire Department on base only. The Fire Dept. will contact military police if situation warrants.

Local Calls. The following are the local calling areas and prefixes:

Dale City 590, 670, 680, 730, 878, 897
Stafford 657, 659, 720
Independent Hill 791
Manassas 257, 330, 331, 335, 361, 367, 368, 369, 792, 291, 365, 366, 789
Nokesville 594
Triangle-Dumfries 630,632,634,640,784, 221, 441
Quantico 630, 640, 784
Woodbridge-Occoquan 490 491, 492, 494, 497

Monday, May 11, 2009

Quantico Map, Directions & Driving Instructions

** If you drive aboard Base, be sure to have your valid driver's license ready, as you will need to present it to the guard at the gate.

Marine Corps Base, Quantico is located off of Interstate 95 in Virginia, 36 miles south of Washington D.C. and 20 miles north of Fredericksburg.

From I-95: Take exit 150, Quantico/Triangle. Take route 619 east to the entrance of the base. Marine sentries assist visitors arriving at the base; visitors are issued vehicle passes and given directions to their destination. Proper identification, such as a state driver’s license, is required to get onto base.

The two airports closest to MCB Quantico are Dulles International (IAD), located in Centreville, Va., and Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA), in Arlington, VA. Shuttle services are available from both. A Greyhound bus terminal is located in nearby Triangle, Va. and The Town of Quantico is a stop for both Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express train services. The Comfort Inn near Quantico Main Gate North also provides paid shuttle service and FREE shuttle service for groups of 10+ rooms.

Grid# Location Bldg.#
D6 All-Hands Swimming Pools 2078
C4 Argonne Hills Housing Area 2700
B4 Ashurst Elementary School 4320
E4 Auto Hobby Shop 2080
A5 Back Gate
A5 Bank of America 3500
E5 Barber Physical Fitness Center 2013
E4 Barker Hall/Barracks 2001
G4 Bartlett Hall/Marine Corps University 715
C2 Base Stables 1792
G4 Breckinridge Hall/Marine Corps University 2076
F4 Bruce Hall Dining Facility 2000
D3 Burrows Elementary School 3025
E4 Butler Stadium Athletic Field
E5 Cash Sales 2011
G1 Chamberlain Village 2300 Block
C3 Child Development Center 3311
G5 Command and Central Systems School 2885
A5 Commissary 3400
D6 Computer Learning Center/Shuck Hall 3252
D6 Crossroads Inn 3018
E5 CVIC Supply/Motor T Maintenance 2009
D6 Diamond Hall/CommandChaplain, Navy Marine Corps Intranet 3098
G4 Edison Hall/Communications School 2085
G4 Ellis Hall 2087
F4 Family Housing Office 3049
A5 Gas Station/Package Store 3500B
G1 Geiger Hall/EWS 2077
F1 Geiger Ridge 800 Block
G4 Gen. Alfred M. Gray Research Center 2040
B5 General Raymond G. Davis Center MCCDC HQ 3300
E3 Harry Lee Hall/Promotions Branch 17
E4 Headquarters & Science Supply Warehouse 3168
F4 Headquarters & Service Battalion 2006
E5 Hochmuth Hall/Marine Corps Intelligence Command 2033
E3 Housing 100-200 Block and 300-400 Block
B1 Iwo Jima Statue
C5 James Wesley Marsh Center 3280
F3 Kelly Hall 2046
D9 Larsons Gymnasium 2112
A2 Locust Shade Park
E4 Legal Assistance 3025
D5 Lejeune Hall 3250
F3 Little Hall/Reception Center 2034
F1 Liversedge Hall/BOQ and Transient SNCO Billeting 15
A4 Lyman Park Housing Area 4000
F4 MAGTF Staff Training Program Center 2042
C1 Main Gate
F4 Mann Hall/Civilian Human Resource Office 2004
F4 Manpower Management Branch, HQMC 2008
D6 Marine Air Facility Headquarters 2100
E7 Marine Corps Air Facility

Grid# Location Bldg.#
A5 Marine Corps Exchange 3500
E5 Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Command 2032
H2 Marine Corps Systems Command 2200
F4 Marine Corps Thrift Shop 3074
B5 Marine Federal Credit Union 3380
C5 Marine Memorial Chapel 3251
E4 Marshall Hall/Marine Security Guard Battalion 2007
E4 Matthews Hall/Barracks 2005
A5 McDonald’s 3500A
D2 Medal of Honor Golf Course 3033
D5 Marine Corps Community Services 3044
D5 Naval Medical Dental Clinic 3259
D5 Newlin Hall/Marine Corps Warfighting Lab 3255
C9 Officer Candidates School 2189
F4 Phipps Hall/Barracks 2002
E4 Pruitt Hall 2074
C2 Quantico Middle/HighSchool 3307
E5 Regional Contracting Office 2010
F4 Reserve Support Unit/Marine Corps Marathon Office 3035
B3 Russell Elementary School 3301
E5 Security Battalion/Provost Marshal 2043
F4 Seven Day Store 3048
F4 Singleton Hall/Barracks 2003
D6 The Clubs at Quantico 3017
B2 Thomason Park Housing Area 2900
F4 Tire and Auto Store/U-Haul Rental & Dropoff 3141
E5 TMO 2009
G3 Town of Quantico/Amtrak & VRE Station/ U.S. Post Office
F3 Training and Education Command 1019